Here… we… go…

*takes a DEEP breath*

Well, hello everybody and thank you for stopping by. The internet (mostly) knows me as Gregorius21778 (if at all!), I am a long time RPG player and GM. So far, so familiar, right?

So, what will await you here from now on? Well…

# bits and splinters of the material I use for “GM-ing” ( THAT a word? Well, I simply claim it is!) my current RPG group. Right now, that means DarkHeresy(tm) 2nd, which is a system I am in an unending(?) love/!HATE! relationship with.

# bits and splinters of RPG material I used to write in the past, but haven´t “polished” yet. This includes a lot of unsorted thoughts and “stuff” (THIS is one of the most useful words in English that I know about) I brewed up for diverse World of Darkness(tm) scenarios (but never really put to use).

# random appearances of OSR related posts, mostly compatible with Mutant Future(tm).

# a lot of SHA (shameless house advertising), as I started to publish some material over at recently. To avoid boring you with “just SPAM”, such posts will always include a little extra freebee of some kind.

# recommendations for RPG supplements, other peoples blogs, old and not so old movies, etc.

# random balderdash, at least from time to time (I promise to keep myself in check here).

So, welcome to the show, loosen your tie, and remember to stop by… from time to time, at least!



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