Names for servo skulls & servitors

Servo skulls and servitors are one of the key aspects of the Warhammer 40k universe. Where other sci-fi backgrounds have regular drones or „common“ robots and androids, the Imperium of Men will rather reduce the intellect of a fellow human being to that of of a worker drone and retro-fit „it“ with (often crude) kybernetical implants than building a semi-intelligent machine that even comes close to a man in shape and size (War Titans seems to be an exception to the rule here).

In addition, servitors are all so often embedded into structures and vehicles to function as dedicated systems (i.e. as autopilot, independent gun turret, security system, etc.). If one keeps in mind that being turned into a servitor is actually a punishment one gets a feel for how draconian law in the grimdark 40k actually must be. After all, there is NO other raw material for the production of “robots” than criminals, at least not outside of the domains of Mars. And if a little drone would do instead, this drone is build into the skull of perished, honorable servant, so he can serve beyond death. If they like what you do, they will let you die before they turn your remains into equipment.

That means, whenever PC move into a “civilized” surrounding that is blessed with the gifts of technology, they will sooner or later come into contact with some techno-zombie or hovering ossuarium piece. And I have to say, I like that! Even more so because all of these servitors and servo skulls do have a designation number and a lot of these even have an actual name. This “equipment”, so it is void of any actual personality of its own, has a constant reminder tagged to it that it once WAS a person, and although it was not treated as one before (again: they took this man or woman and -reduced- that human being to a servitor), now, as “it” is nothing more then a walking function, it has a name to address it.

Whenever my player characters have some deeper interaction with one such construct, I tend to give it a name, even if it is just a number. My players are of like mind here (or, go even further), as they baptize their vehicles, and our Machine-Priestess has a habit of “adopting” servo skulls they relieve from heretics (or tries to repair those she needed to destroy in combat… it is not the machines fault that their master had fallen..the machine is pure to her). As a result, I not only need names for my NPC, but although for some of those kyber-constructs, from time to time.

And here is how I do it:
First, I get myself some “old latin”, Greek or Hebrew names. Then, I add numbers to them. To avoid repeating the same numbers I am fond of all over again, I roll them up. This can either be done with 3d10 to generate a three-digit-ID number (where each dice gives you a number for one of the digits) or 2d6 for a three-to-four digit ID (where each dice gives you the last or second last digit of the ID, while the sum of both is used as the first or first two digits).

If you want to spare yourself the trouble of getting yourself some names and rolling some dice, feel free to use the 50 “names” provided below in every way you want (yes, this includes commercial use). And if you would like the list in PDF format, here is the dropbox link to it.

# Name # Name
01 Abel 242 26 Jedrick 521
02 Aneas 464 27 Jovius 656
03 Atticus 802 28 Lael 703
04 Caleb 851 29 Kesterus 506
05 Basililus 539 30 Laurus 711
06 Claudio 377 31 Maarav 924
07 Daan 088 32 Linus 358
08 Callister 814 33 Manius 084
09 Dorus 171 34 Nathaniel 061
10 Eli 204 35 Macario 285
11 Denes 034 36 Naevius 647
12 Ennius 957 37 Rafael 400
13 Gabriel 282 38 Menelaus 414
14 Egor 857 39 Nicon 444
15 Festus 985 40 Seth 040
16 Illes 324 41 Neacel 906
17 Fillippus 986 42 Paion 627
18 Fulvius 116 43 Sion 647
19 Jan 427 44 Pasi 035
20 Gavriil 032 45 Tertius 810
21 Glaucius 323 46 Tobias 643
22 Jarred 291 47 Rehor 436
23 Hector 818 48 Seoras 328
24 Iovis 723 49 Zacharias 966
25 Kobus 482 50 Grigori 106

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