DH2nd House rules: LORE

Since DH1st, FFG keeps up a skill set that divides most fields of wisdom into three categories: Common Lore, Scholastic Lore and Forbidden Lore. Each of them is a different skill, which is raised in level separately. A very broad setup… which leads to an odd situation.

Somebody who would have mastery of Scholastic Lore would know nothing about the basic (common) details of the same field per se. So this -might- happen in real life, but is it something that should be transferred to the gaming table? In my opinion, FFG missed a chance here. They already “wrapped up” a bunch of overly splintered talents by re-working the Weapon Talents, and they did a similar thing with skills like Tech-Use, Stealth, Survival and Medicae. Why not doing the same with….?

One of my recent house rules was to remove “Common” and “Scholastic” lore. At my gaming table, there shall only be war… erm..LORE!

If somebody is a “Scholar” in his field or not is determined by his expertise, reflected by the skill level. By wrapping the two skills up, I spare players of “Scholar characters” to burn a LOT of XP. After all, if they would want to cover one field of knowledge, they would need to gain and level at least two skills (Common AND Scholastic), and in DH2nd, those XP seem to be a precious commodity. In regard to prerequisites, I will substitute “Scholastic Lore” with “Lore +10” in the relevant field. This is a quick and dirty approach, and I know that I will have to judge a lot of instances on a “case by case” basis, but such is the role of the GM. I haven´t made up my mind about “Forbidden Lore”, but as most instances do not have a “Common” or “Scholastic” counterpart, I will simply keep them as they are.


One thought on “DH2nd House rules: LORE

  1. I can’t believe I never thought of that before. My players never took Scholastic lore because they feel Common lore is enough in most situations, so wrapping them both into one skill looks like a great idea!


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