[DH2nd] Spoils of war: a heretic´s suit of powered armour

“The dust settles, and the furious noise of weapons thunder gives way to a grave silence. For a moment that seems like eternity, there is no sound but that of your own heartbeats. Then one of the wounded moans and breaks the seemingly unearthly spell, and quickly you get back to business. And business means checking that those who should be dead ARE dead or to help them along. Naturally, the first that comes to your attention is the one that bothered you the most in this battle: the heretic in the powered suit of armour. Undoing the helmet is not easy, but as you have the face revealed it stares at you with empty eyes, the mouth agape and no breath leaving it. You cannot help but have your eyes wander over the power armour itself. It is battle scared for sure… but perhaps still serviceable.”

The heretics armour is a suit of powered armour that could be an example of a suit salvaged from a battle field or of a suit that the characters could otherwise get hands on, perhaps as a loan from an allied noble or as a power armour the characters could acquire as a “poor craftsmanship version”

Class: Light Power Armour
Locations covered: All
Armour points: 7 / 5*
Max. Agility: 40
Weight: 40 kg
Availability: Very Rare; but +10 due to “Poor Craftsmanship”

*Worn down armour: the suit had suffered heavy damage in the past, and the chest plates show it the most. While the damage was repaired, the armour smith who did this was for sure not as skilled as the artisan that had built the suit in the past. If an attacker targets certain spots in the chest (-20), the suits AP is treated as two points lower.

!ALARM!: as soon as the machine-spirit of the amour is brought back to life, it wails in memory of all the damage it once had to suffer and will not stop to cry about this fate of its past, bombarding the wearer with blinking lights and beeping sounds, indicating damages long repaired. As a result, the wearer suffer (-10) on all Perception based tests.

Hip actuator damaged: the suits artificial muscles were never restored in full, and parts of the hip remain stiff, hindering movement. The wearers MOVE is reduced by half and he suffers from (-10) on all Agility based tests.

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