[SHA] …and now, I double it! (100 names..)

Hey everyone. You know, I am not somebody to waste things, especially not if I can use them twice. So, I added another 50 names to the 50 names I already had provided for “artificial constructs”, turned those into a 100-name-list and put it up on drivethruprg.com.

I did not really felt like charging a fixed price for a list including 50 names that I already made available for free, so I made it a pay-what-you-want product. If you would like some more, go over and have some “sloppy seconds”. Be aware, so, that I really mean “sloppy seconds”. The other 50 names are NOT byzantine but just regular English names. Nothing fancy, but hopefully something that comes handy. If you feel grateful, leave a like or a positive comment on the product page. If you feel rrrrrreally grateful, pay-what-you-want 😉

That being said, I guess will concentrate on other things than “lists of names” for the next  weeks to come.  I have something more “solid” in mind right now… stay tuned!


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