[Session Prep] DH2nd “The Saliwaan Operation”

So, today is the day I am going to be a GM again, as we will continue our DH2nd play.

The Hammersmite cell of Inquisitor Ragin (a.ka. my players characters) are send on a rather… delicate mission. While pretending to be travelling to a different world, they will use a stop in the Saliwaan system to order the captain of the “Fels in der Leere” (translates badly, “rock in the void”, but aiming at “Bulwark against the void”) to give them a lighter and let them leave so that they can fly down to the widely unclaimed world. Their aim is to land some klicks away form a small Mechanicus research station, their target is a Magos Biologis and all his current data. The data of the Magos is to be secured without accessing it, the Magos is to be captured UNLESS this would threaten his life. “Colleteral damage should be avoided if possible without endangering yourself or the mission” was the answer in regard to the well-being of his potential guards and assistants at the base.

So, the cell is effectively tasked with about three to four hours of travel by foot through untamed wilderness, for a commando operation against a Mechanicus research bases (about four hours of flight from the next bigger base on the planet), to overcome any and all guards and security measures, to secure stacks of data and a Magos Biologis, travel back and hide in the vast emptiness near the system for a not-yet named voidcraft to pick them up again. In an Arvus Lighter.

This would be a daunting task already, as they have to expect half a dozen servitors and the same number in servo skulls, at least some of them fitted for guard and combat duty, in addition to up to three human guards, perhaps Skitarii. And then, there is the reason for the research base and the reluctance to settle the planet: native lifeforms and indigenous human population show signs of genetic alteration, and it is not sure if those are from the dark ages or of xenos origin.

A total of six to eight hours in the wild…. Three of them after some kind of combat…with a captive being dragged along, and perhaps a response team of the Mechanicus reacting to a call for help.


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