[DH2nd] [Session Rep: the Saliwaan Operation]

Well… that did not went as I expected, and I guess I need to blame myself for it.

The session hit off quiet fine, with my players getting back into discussing tactics and needed gear as well as clarifying what they know and what they do not know about the objective. The whole thing bothered them. What they knew about the situation at the exploration base where their target  was located sums up as…

  • it is in the untamed wilds of the world, in a forest area
  • besides the Magos Biologis they try to capture there will likely be 1-3 Tech-Adepts and/or Tech-Priests assisting him, 1-6 servo skulls, 1-6 servitors and 1-3 human guards, at least one of them a Skitari.
  • the exploration base is running on the equivalent of a fuel rod in regard to energy and otherwise gets supplies form a Mechanicus logistic hub which is about 4 hours of flight away from the exploration base.
  • the base thereby will have a landing pad and is likely to have at least one non-spacecraft of its own
  • there will be security of some kind, a sensor area will detect incoming fliers and there will be a vox station so they could call for help
  • the PC wil thereby need to land a couple of klicks away from it and approach through the wild

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

And here is the first mistake I made: I assumed they would move in with an assault (as they need to be quick to prevent the Magos from fleeing or deleting data), secure their objectives (the Magos and the cogitator components that store the data) and march back through the wilds to reach their craft. On a second thought, so, I decided that they could call in a servitor-operated Lighter via vox. Having it any other way while having a servitor autopilot just seemed silly to me once I thought about it. So, no “way back with the quarry”. SciFi-gamess do have fliers, and when planing a mission the possibility to just fly in or out of something needs to be taken into account.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

My players did not want to leave evidence behind (fearing later assassination attempts on their characters) and tried to acquire something to blow up or burn down the whole research station once they were done. With no reactor to manipulate the Mech-Assassine couldn´t make it blow up on its own, the fuel rods would only lead to serious radioactive contamination when tempered with. It was me asking them if a white phosphor bomb would do the trick for them, but it was my Arbitrator-Player that asked for a tactical nuke. I first laughed at this, but later equipped them with one small themonuclear tactical bomb (dubbed “Little Boy”) “for clearing up”. They got themselves some stummers and jammers, double checked that EVERYONE of them had an option of taking out the Magos without killing him, secured some further survival gear and there we went.

(To be continued…)


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