[DH2nd] [Session Rep: the Saliwaan Operation] [2]

[2nd part of the session report] The throne agents spend the few days till the arrival of their voidship with gathering equipment and preparing themselves for their mission. Each of them got a fake identity for the trip while their “luggage” was …taken care off by the Inquisition (their coordinating senior acolyte, Horge of Malfi, had seen to this himself).

  • The Arbitrator was still an Arbitrator, but with a different ID and officially on the trail of a system-jumping heretic that needed to be taken into custody.
  • The Assassina Mechanica was officially “promoted” to take up an official Mechanicus position on the feudal world at the end of the route
  • The Sister of Battle was on a quest for a reliquary.

I narrated how they embarked he shuttle that would take them to the voidship, the “Fels in der Leere”, by describing how a stewart welcomed them before and by telling them about the other travel groups that would come along, sharing a shuttle and later the passenger deck with them (in separate cabins, so!). Including such details is always important to me as it helps building the world (which my players are mostly strangers to) and “rounds”  the missions, even if they are combat centered. So, they had a voidborn stewart who welcomed them with the kind of exaggerated politeness that spoke of his true feelings for “planetborn people”, two families with six to eight kids each that had spend their lifetime savings for a trip to a feudal world and a little piece of land there, a procuress with her maids and a warrantor out to find some brides for arranged marriages with well-to-do men on the hiveworld (at least, that what she says), a group of roughnecks whose profession they could only guess at, a Ministorum priest with his two novices on his way to take up a diocese on a different planet and a lone Tech-Adept who kept to himself and his respirator on.

The three throne agents showed a professional level of suspiciousness and tried to seize the other passengers up, but the Tech-Adept was nobody the could really “read”, the procuress might very well be part of a skin-traffic ring and the ruffians looked like people with a military (or para-military) background while the two families and the priest seemed to be just that. Since they all did not liked to draw attention, they sticked to themselves, but the Assassina Mechanica kept an eye on the Tech-Adept all the time. They checked into their cabins (each agent had their own, but adjacent to another), stashed away their stuff and prepared for the transit into the warp.

It was their second “in game” warp travel and I still describe the transit to them. This time, they experienced how the the third wailing of the electronic signal horn (that “warned” about the transit on this ship) wrapped around them and spinned them round till they stirred and sucked in the cabin around them, only to spew it out as the electric horn sounded again, the sound spinning them around further till all was back into place. The players all understand by now that warp travel is not something joyful, so they will soon learn that they will get used to it. But now, I still ask for Willpower checks. Silicia, the Assassina Mechanica, failed this one and ended up with a very confused feeling regarding her handedness. For the first two days, she not only forgot if she used to be left or right handed, but using her “right” hand felt “wrong” to her. Eisenstein, the Arbitrator made the checks, but the player decided that his character would still vomit and established that -all- transist between warp space and real space would leave him throwing up. No complaints from my side her, after all it is not like _I_ need to clean up the cabin…

The cell kept to themselves during the travel and Valentina, the SoB (“Sister of Battel”), actively disencouraged any attempts at fraternization by the other passengers. We played this out as the Priest came over during their meal in the mess hall. All in all, it was an uneventful journey till they were about to leave warp space for a brief stop in the Saliwaan system (I established that the Navigator needs to orientate himself before they could continue to Kastemer, the feudal world). They got the word through the comm system of the ship, as they were to “prepare themselves”. The three gathered in the cabin of Eisenstein, who insisted to see the stewart (keeping some official status with your fake ID -does- help) and showed him the sigil of the Inquisition once he arrived . Since the voidborn got on his bad side ride from the start, he (and the others) enjoyed it very much to exert pressure on him. As the stewart was not able to make the Captain himself show up, they made him go up as high as he got by getting the Third Officer of the ship to answere the vox. The Third Office did not believed a word at first and showed up with armed guards who entered first, and this might have got out of hand, but a moments later, they had the Third Officer explaining things to the Captain who stopped transit and met them in the command conference room of the ship. Captain Ernest Aborov, who had no interest in having any problems with agents on the Inquisition, willingly submitted to each and every demand of the throne agents, which were

  • an Arvus Lighter with enough provisions (food, water, air) for them to last two weeks
  • the removal of any on-board records regarding said Arvus Lighter, provisions or their travel on the “Fels in der Leere”
  • him seeing personally to it that anybody of his crew that had seen them onboard would “forget” about this, making him directly responsible if anybody would tell anybody anything (“..it is up to you how you achieve this, Captain..”)
  • a start with said Arvus Lighter right after they left warp, from which point the above points should be considered.

(to be continued)


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