DH2nd: MORE Servo-Skulls

Hello folks, a while ago, I shared with you some of my thoughts and ideas in regard to servo-skulls. Well, guess what, I extended the list a little by now. If you already have read the prior version, you will find the new entries on the last page of the new PDF (provided via dropbox). […]

[SHA] The name of the game

SciFi RPG with a focus on star travel have characters roam through a wide universe, meet people (human and other) from dozen or hundreds of different worlds while they explore space or range through the known and populated regions of a galactic empire (or its now shattered and isolated remains). For a vast universe, one […]

Saliwaan Operation:Session Prep-2

Tomorrow, it is time again. Last session, the cell of Inquisitor Ragin managed to storm the research base and to capture Magos Biologis Merinus Eluvis. Thereby, the managed to achieve mission parameters they had been tasked with at the start. We ended our last session with all resistance in base being cleared. So, when we […]