[Spotlight] D6 Adventure Locations (FREEBEE!)

Do you need some maps for everyday places, but neither like to sit down and draw one yourself NOR do you want to spend money on some? Or do you need an inspiration what a place like the one you want to include in your game at least -could- look like? Is your duckduckgo.com search leaving you without matching results again? Well, there is a freebee product I want to suggest to you. Yes, free, and no, not from me.

D6 Adventure Locations

You get dozens of sample maps, some really simple affairs or for places you might not have any use for (there is a map of a forest clearing…), but others are quiet elaborate (I kinda like the Island Stronghold).

So, if you are looking for an office building for the hostage situation in your super-hero game, a mall for your one-shot zombie session or a flying saucer for your characters to wake up inside AFTER it crashed on some planet…well, you will find it there. And not only the maps, but a lot of additional information about what such place (likely) are like and what to do there, who to meet and sometimes even a complete plot idea.

And it is free. West End Games, who published this in 2004, is offering it for free. Go, get it, have a look. It is worth it.


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