A sneak peek onto 30 magical weapons

Hi everybody,

are you in the mood for a little sneak peek? You better be, because that is what this post is: a sneak peek to my upcoming Labyrinth Lord(tm) compatible PDF-product:

cover30magicalweaponsOSR_350(Credit where credit is due: that sword is stockart from fatgoblingames)

It will be made is available at drivethrurpg.com soon and features just what the title says. Hey…what you say? The one thing you don´t need is another load of magical high-fantasy weapons for your OSR game? Well… please stop reading than, because the following ten examples will be nothing but a waste of your time 😉

[ Yes, 1/3 of the product for free, right here on my blog. I told you I would lace my SHA with some freebees, didn´t I? ]

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1# The Unholy (+3 bastard sword; cursed)

If the Unholy is ever carried onto sacred grounds, the blade will start to “tremble” so much that it cannot go unnoticed. If it is not removed from the place within 1d4 combat rounds, the blade will shatter and the weapon thereby be destroyed. Furthermore, beneficial clerical magic cannot be cast upon the wearer, unless cast by a cleric with an “evil” patron deity.

2# The Banisher (+1 long sword)

The weapons hilt and/or knob is adorned with symbols of a deity. If a prayer to said deity is spoken, the Banisher gives the wearer the power to turn the undead, just like he would be 3rd level cleric.

3# The Shieldsmasher (+2 axe or battleaxe)

In combat, the weapon will smash and destroy the shield of an opponent within 1d4 rounds, unless the shield is magical or masterly crafted.

4# The Virgin (+3, any kind)
The weapons magical powers only come into effect in the hands of a virgin (male or female).

5# The Lichcurse (+1, any sword)

The weapon counts as +3 against any living creature, but for every living being slain with it, the wearer loses one hit point. In addition, the wearer cannot receive any magical healing.

6# The Honorable (+2, any weapon; cursed)
The weapon loses its magical power if the wearer is challenged to and met in single combat.

7# The Smiter (+1 war hammer)
The Smiter loses its magical power unless used against goblins or by a dwarf. If both is true, the Smiter becomes +2.

8# The Humble (+1 short sword or long sword)
The Humble counts as a +2 magical weapon if the wearer is currently fastening or is living in poverty by choice. If both is true, the Humble becomes a +4 magical weapon instead.

9# The Reckless (+1 battle axe)
The Reckless becomes a +3 weapon if the wearer does not wear any armor but fights with a bare chest. If these conditions are met, the Reckless will heal 1d6 hit points of damage after each hit the wearer takes (at the begin of the following combat round).

10# The Avenger (+1, any weapon)
The Avenger becomes +4 if the wearer faces an opponent that has killed her loved one or a close relative or a close companion of hers.



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