House rule: Weapon-Tech [DH2nd]

There is the Tier:1 Talent called “Weapon-Tech”. Anybody with this Talent (that demands an Intelligence of at least 40 and +10 in the Tech-Use Skill) is able to increase certain weapons (mostly, plasma, melta and power weapons) damage AND penetration by four or five points(INT-bonus); once per combat encounter.

Am I the only one that has the urge to cry “TECH-HERESY!!!!” here? I can only marvel and wonder what the ingame-world-reason might be here. The “fluff part” speaks about “the blessings of the Omnissiah”. Unless the teachings of Mars aren´t really “Techno-Magic” in the literal meaning I cannot see how a Tech-Priest should suddenly be able to come close to doubling the penetration of a power sword (5 becomes 9 or 10). After all, the performance of the affected weapon is significantly(!) increased in regard to its former maximum performance.

Other Talents for Mechanicus implants allow guesses in that “true Techno-Magic” direction (with their effects being base on the WPB, which is a mental stat) and I can see this work very well as a “hidden truth” of the 40k universe…but not in my world. Don´t get me wrong, if you want to run with this, COOL! I am not on a crusade to change anybody´s point of view.  🙂

But, if you feel like me… here comes the antidote for the situation:

Change the text starting with “Once per combat…” into “….., as a Free Action, this character may ignore the damage dice roll of any Laser, Melta, Plasma, Power or Exotic weapon he is personally wielding and treat it as the highest possible result instead. “

The raw “power” of the Talent is reduced here, as it will not suddenly (and: magically) allow it to overcome a mixture of TB and AP it would otherwise have NEVER been able to. Thereby, I included the common Las weapon into the range of weapons the Talent can be used with. All in all, the Talent is now nothing but “a ward against bad damage dice”, limited in use by by situational modifiers of use.


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