Saliwaan Operation:Session Prep-2

Tomorrow, it is time again. Last session, the cell of Inquisitor Ragin managed to storm the research base and to capture Magos Biologis Merinus Eluvis. Thereby, the managed to achieve mission parameters they had been tasked with at the start. We ended our last session with all resistance in base being cleared. So, when we get back into the scene, the barrels of their guns and the bodies of the dead will still be warm and their signal jammer still active.

The latter will crucial, as unbeknownst to the acolytes, the Magos Biologis has a position signal emitter implanted in his cyber-mantle which he activated as the Skitari inside the base alarmed him. I ruled that this signal can be picked up from up to 2km away or up to 5km if the Magos roots energy from its Potentia Coil directly into the emitter. This “boost” is likely to lead to interferences in nearby vox signals, so. It is more a tool for a rescue mission if there is an accident on an expedition, but the Magos will try whatever he has in hands. The emitter has another side effect on Saliwaan: it will attract literal clouds of insects. The characters already noted that certain insects swarmed their heads (as their goggles and vox systems electromagnetic resonance attracted them), but this system will bring in loads of them. A nuisance, but it might tell them something even if they don´t try to search for such measures. Further problems might manifest as soon as the Magos wakes up. Currently, the Mechanica keeps him under narcotica, but if he regains concious, he has some very sublime tools at his disposal. His body was altered, especially the glands. He can produce pheromones of different kinds, including those to attract or to scare of local creatures. Some of them are good to cause distress in human beings, others can sooth. But all in all, this won´t come to bear as they will leave the world quickly.

A thing they will need to do is disabling the Mechanicus implants that power the Lumen Shock and the Lumen Blast, which he is capable off. I first thought that my characters would simply remove the kybernetic limbs, but somehow the player of the Mechanica seemed reluctant. He roleplays that the characters has some “sympathy” here and is not found of the thought of taking another scion of Mars apart like a decommissioned servitor. However the players want to go about it, the easy way is to do it in the research base, but it is unlikely that my players will do this. They know that there is one patrol outside. Wherever they want to do it, it will be an extended test [10 DoS needed] and every failure means 1d5 wounds to the Magos (plus one for every two DoF). The whole processs is very hard (-30), the available tools modify it, each test is equal to 5 minutes. Of course, the characters can just rip it out, leaving the Magos with critical damage (and the consequences of such).

What will happen then?
The characters where made to believe that they should wait for vessel that will pick them up and that will identify to them. In truth, this vessel is already waiting for them. A viper scout slope (see DH1st “Church of the Damned”, p. 56), the “Duldsam” has been waiting for them near the moon, all systems reduced to minimum, for more than three weeks now. The crew is in a condition similar to that of WWII submarine crews after a long tour of duty. The air is bad and the place is moist as all systems run on minimal setting, to lower the signature. When their lighter reaches the outer moon (after about three days of flight), the passive sensors of the “Duldsam” will pick them up and send an encrypted message the characters know the cypher for. Thereby, they will be picked up. This will be much different from all their usual boarding of a voidship. This time, nobody will identify to them, but they will need to identify. Nobody will tell them names, nobody will ask anything and they will not be told where they are heading to. All they will be given is a dataslate with an encrypted message of their Inquisitor, Ragin. This will include coordinate “which you will be able to use at the end of your journey”, codes for identification “that you will know when to use” and the order “to wait for a familiar face”.

Somewhere in space: the tower
They will be in the void for more than two weeks, or at least they will guess that. Then, back in realspace, they will be allowed to depart in a seemingly lifeless system where small planetoids circle a red sun. Their coordinate will lead them a fortress build into the flank of a cliff, around if a graveyard of more than two dozen lighters, shuttles, guncutters and other crafts of different kind, all resting in orderly positions but partially salvaged and dismantled.

There, they will meet Jaspar, a highly mechanized servant of Inquisitor Ragin who is the master of this place: Inquisitor Ragin´s private dungeon. Jaspar himself is linked into that dungeon that is formed like a square tower with an open shaft going through its middle. Jaspar´s upper body is mounted onto a mechanical platform and is plugged directly into all systems of this place. Here, Jaspar and a small group of mind-wiped servants guard about a three dozen different heretics.

Under horrible conditions, the prisoners slowly waste away and are kept “just in case”. After all, as long as a case ins not completely solved, their might be a need to interrogate them again. One of those hopeless souls is Lord Lucius Hesentanz from the adventure “Dark Pursuits”, a NPC which I deemed to be a fitting target for the “Seed Possesion” the “Enemies from Beyound” introduced. Mind-wiped people …empty vessels. I will see if I can have a little fun this way…I am not 100% sure here.


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