[SHA] The name of the game

SciFi RPG with a focus on star travel have characters roam through a wide universe, meet people (human and other) from dozen or hundreds of different worlds while they explore space or range through the known and populated regions of a galactic empire (or its now shattered and isolated remains). For a vast universe, one needs a vast amount of names, and even a predetermined sandbox as narrow as one solar system is likely to see dozens or hundreds of starships travel through it, both from neighboring systems as well as long distance cargo haulers and enterprising individuals far away from home, out to make a fortune between the stars.

Myself started to pre-generate lists of names for use in my RPG sessions, just to make sure that I won´t sit there befuddled in the hour past midnight when one of my players suddenly comes up with an idea that turns the focus of the game somewhere I never thought about before. Some of those lists I have put up for sale on drivethrurpg.com on a pay-what-you-want basis (after topping them off with some additional names). Others, I simply cannot put up that way because they include names from lists of other publishers that offer their thoughts for a dollar (or a dime), too. Those, I am going to mention in different SPOTLIGHT posts later on this blog.

My latest addition is 99 names for space colonies and fringe worlds. Together with 100 names for androids and other artificial beings and 100 names for starships in private hands, large parts of the picture of your galaxy are now ready to be painted in broad strokes.

Feel free to leave a comment about your actual usage of the names at drivethrurpg.com (under the matching product of mine). One is always happy to hear from the children, especially if they were successful with something ;).

Oh! And if you happen to be a German reader,…

… wirf doch mal einen Blick auf 100 Sternenschiffnamen für neo-romantische und gothisch-düstere Zukunftswelten. [Nein, kurze Titel sind wirklich nicht mein Ding] =)


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