[SPOTLIGHT] The Harbinger [Short film]

The short film is a format that has been largely abandoned by the bigger players of the media business. Aside from companies involved in marketing, public relations and advertisement, no profit-orientated filmmaker will waste time in creating such works, as the attention of the (paying) audience rests on the blockbuster movies, on the direct-to-disc productions and the ever-growing buffet of online portals.

This simple fact and the resulting absence of named giants (and dinosaurs) of the commercial markets leaves this field to those that could never compete on a budget basis: artists and indies.

I am not sure if the people behind gearmark.tv truly fit this romantic picture (I have not studied their output by now), but the short film of theirs I want to to put a SPOTLIGHT on today surely breathes this air.

Without any further proem, I will hereby now point you to their Lovecraft-like piece of work called “The Harbinger”.


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