[SPOTLIGHT] “Dyson´s Dodecahedron”

Today, I would like to put a SPOTLIGHT on the blog of a map-maker (and adventure- writer): Dyson and “Dyson´s Dodecahedron”. The title of the blog (“an RPG blog with a few maps”) is one of the biggest understatements you are going to find on wordpress.com. If this is an example of what “a few” means, I wish for nothing but a few good days in my life.

“That Dyson guy” (as he sometimes refers to himself) happily admits to having a kind of map fetish, and it really shows. On his blog, he provides you with maps, more maps and some more maps you are even free to use in your own projects (be sure to check which are which, so. Not ALL of them are!) . Even if you are not a “project type person” that plans on polishing something you have done so that you can release it into the internet to see how it fares, there is a rich portfolio of maps you can use at your gaming table at home, for when you invite your friends for an evening of RPG fun.

Talking RPG fun, that site does also include downloadable adventures (of course, with maps!) , free for personal use. Last but not least, Dyson is not only drawing maps for the community, he also shows us how it´s done: an easy to understand and detailed-yet-brief tutorial of his drawing style is provided as well. I still have to try THAT out, but at some point I will (I already bought myself paper and markers…).

So, if you are looking for dungeon maps or to learn how to draw dungeon maps yourself, pay “Dyson´s Dodecahedron” a visit.


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