[SHA] The future is a throwback [Post-A] [SciFi]

Very often, fiction has depicted future not as a time of human progress, but of human set-backs. The world might have ended or not, but human progress is often depicted as having ended or even switched gear all the way back to reverse. Warhammer 40.000(tm) features such a society in the hives of the Imperiums, H.G. Wells shows us another version with his Morlocks and Eloy respectively as does the recent television series “The 100”. All of them feature people either having reversed back to tribal structures and/or becoming Neo-Neanderthals that live in caves of technology of their ancestor´s design.

…and who would I be if I would not add material to this favorite part of mine in post-apocalyptic and dark-future-style fiction? If you pay drivethrurpg.com a visit, you will note that I have two new products online:

Looks & Loot of degenerated underground dwellers is similar to my previous product Looks & Details of apocalyptic marauders. But instead of just focusing on looks, I spread the content to the topic of “loot” as well, to cover a wider range of a GM´s needs with just one product.

100 names of post-apocalyptic tribes is just what the name suggests, but if you need a little hint of what that little list of mine has in store for you, I gladly share with you ten of the 100 entries. Nobody shall say that the readers of my blog need to buy a pig in a poke.

#Asheater Tribe
#Godcaern Children
#Shatterearth Kin
#Dusk Men
#Thornplain Tribe

#Bison People
#Hiddenhall Siblings
#Sixroad Kindred
#Twocross Clan
#Goldmane People


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