[SHA] Looking for reviews

Dear readers,

I am currently looking for other bloggers that are interested in writing reviews of my products on their blogs.


What do I offer?
A personal free copy of the product of mine that you want to review.

What do you need to apply?

  • An email send to gregorius21778@fantasymail.de that includes a link to your blog and states one(1) of my products you would like to review.
  • A blog with 20 or more listed followers.
  • The willingness to download a PDF from my dropbox account (after I provided the link)
  • The promise to write a (brief) review that you will publish on your blog “in the near future”. If it takes a month or two does not matter, but PDF´s will be provided on a quit-pro-quo basis.
  • Your word of honor that you won´t “share” the provided copy excessively. Giving a copy to a personal friend or three is fine, putting it up on a download portal is not.


…oh! I am (of course!) fine with a negative review (freedom of opinion is something that I value), but it would be nice if such would not take the form of a hateful bashing but a (somewhat) reasonable critic.



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