[SHA] Looking for reviews

Dear readers,

I am currently looking for other bloggers that are interested in writing reviews of my products on their blogs.


What do I offer?
A personal free copy of the product of mine that you want to review.

What do you need to apply?

  • An email send to gregorius21778@fantasymail.de that includes a link to your blog and states one(1) of my products you would like to review.
  • A blog with 20 or more listed followers.
  • The willingness to download a PDF from my dropbox account (after I provided the link)
  • The promise to write a (brief) review that you will publish on your blog “in the near future”. If it takes a month or two does not matter, but PDF´s will be provided on a quit-pro-quo basis.
  • Your word of honor that you won´t “share” the provided copy excessively. Giving a copy to a personal friend or three is fine, putting it up on a download portal is not.


…oh! I am (of course!) fine with a negative review (freedom of opinion is something that I value), but it would be nice if such would not take the form of a hateful bashing but a (somewhat) reasonable critic.



[SHA] Looking for reviews

3 thoughts on “[SHA] Looking for reviews

  1. […] Instead of giving you a freebee, I am offering you a special, limited discount. The first 20 of you people that use this link to put the product into their virtual shopping carts will get it for 0.50 USD instead of 1.00 USD. So, get them while they are hot! If you like what you see, please have a look at my other products, too, think about following my blog and keep in mind that I am still looking for other bloggers to review my products. […]


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