[DH2nd] Saliwaan Operation: Session Prep-3

Today, the Saliwaan Operation will come to a conclusion (or at least: “come to the beginning of the end”]. As mentioned in the last session prep , the acolytes will depart from the “Duldsam” into a lifeless system with a red sun where their data will guide them to the planetoid that is home to Inquisitor Ragin´s prison tower.

After they went through the procedures of identification (via vox), they will be “greeted” by a group of armed troopers that only address another with a letter and a number that are marked on their foreheads. The characters will recognize one of them as Hypthan, a (former) member of an hive gang they have met on a previous mission [Dark Pursuits]. He won´t recognize them so, as all of these guards are mind-wiped. After they have been checked, Jaspar will lower himself through the central shaft of tower to greet them personally and to take over the prisoner they brought along. Rooms will be prepared for them while they can get a little rest in the guard´s kitchen. From the data slate they have, they know that they are meant to wait here for a time till they are picked up “by a known face” (they -might- mistake Hypthan for this).

During their stay, they will learn that Jaspar has a daily routine of torturing (“interrogating”) prisoners in their cells. For this, the inmates are brought into a certain chamber, but the door remains open as this is the only way that Jaspar can enter (being attached to a gigantic mechandrite) and the screams echo through the tower.

The characters will not know it right from the start, but another NPC from [DarkPursuits] is in the tower as well: Julius Hesentanz, whom they found in his chamber, with his eyes removed by himself, during the events that later ended in their hunt for freetrader-captain and his ship, the “Siebenschrei” (“Seven-Screams”).  During their stay, they will suffer from bad dreams from which they wake up in terror. All the dreams are about them studying an artefact and/or about horrible visions and they always wake up as, in the dream, they pry out their own eyes.

As soon as they get the clue (either by willpower tests to remember the dream or by suffering enough horrible visions that the connection becomes clear by itself), they will for sure ask for Julius. His cell is far down below and Jaspar will be very inquisitive about why they want to deal with him. After all, it is not like they would be allowed to interrogate prisoners here. He is not even allowed to tell them who is here. After all, they are just here to bring a prisoner and to be picked up later.

What will they do when Jaspar refuses to let him see the man? Will they try to talk to the guards? Which of them? Their memories are gone, but they are still people, right? What happens when they try to talk to a guard while he is alone and this guard acts under a “seed possession”, attacking the characters? How will they behave if Jaspar and the other call them out on their deed? How much infighting will there be? Can the threat of possession be dealt with without the characters ending up killing all other servants of their master? If they have to, how will the team that is to pick them up going to react these events?

*murmurs to myself*…yes, that sounds both like a plan for a final as well as a possibility to hook them back into a previous storyline which I interrupted with the little “job” I gave them on Saliwaan…

So, this time I just need some NPC (four guards and their personality plus Jaspar, the Master of the Interrogation), the place itself and some atmospheric description. Well, I need some ideas for supernatural things as well.

What is this scenario rooted in?
This scenario is not going to be about combat, so there will be some. It is about the bad dreams and the supernatural powers and events it includes. It is going to be about the characters being forced to act against people they deem to be “innocent”. Jaspar, the Master of Interrogation, might be a sadist, but he is acting in accordance to the wishes of his master, Inquisitor Ragin. This is not redeeming him on a moral basis, but it should make my players (well, MY players for sure!) think twice about how to act if he simply says “no” when they want to know about Julius von Hexentanz. The guards, which they will spend a couple of days with before the dreams start, will be PEOPLE, too.

If I achieve this, the players will have a good chance at ROLEPLAYING, especially as this time they can interact with people and cannot simply solve it by bellowing orders at them (Jaspar is the defacto master of this tower, and the guards have no need to answer to anybody but him).

Let´s see if this is going to be a fun evenings entertainment….


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