[SHA] Strange & cruel titles

The Champion of the Feverish Prophecy
The Princess of the Cannibal Night
The Bringer of the Dying Question
The Slave of the Marked Swords
The Mother of the Beheading Oracle

If you have use for this kind of titles in your RPG, Strange & cruel personal titles is for you. The supplement provides you with a table that contains 100 first parts (i.e. “the Champion”), 100 second parts (i.e. “of the Feverish”) and 100 third parts (i.e. “Prophecy”).

To give you a taste, here come another ten titles that were created with this table. Name some NPC of great renown with them in a high fantasy campaign, attache them to vampire overlords that rule the night, grace demonic powers and forbidden idols with them or use them for key figures of cults who worship such.

Minion of the Exsanguinated Maw
Enunciator of the Carved Oracle
Princess of the Tormented Secret
Reaper of the Cruel Children
Ward of the Atrocious Thought
Gift of the Ravening Heaven
Beloved of the Agonizing Sentence
Idol of the Infernal Dawn
Hand of the Remorseless Glory
Apostle of the Flayed Mother


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