[DH2nd] Additional Gear

Sometimes, its the little things that give you headaches. “Traditional” roleplaying always seems to involve “gear hunting”: the players try to score more and/or better equipment as their characters progress. It is part of the fun, at least in games that focus on character improvement instead of character degeneration. So, how to play along? Little me, I already gave my DH2nd group access to good gear right from the start. As they were meant to play valuable assets of an Inquisitor, it did made much sense to me to limit their gear overly. Especially as the were working in concert with a Sister of Battle in full gear (yes, I know what I did their. No, I blame nobody but myself).

Anyway, I am blessed with two things: a couple of players that are able to state requests and suggestion and a bit of creativity of my own. And this want to share with you: some of the gear I made up for my current group (or for those NPC who are about to face them…)

Enhanced power supply [Armour Upgrade] [Rare]

Sometimes, it is necessary to renew or exchange the power supply of an armor that has served for more then a century, in order to ensure a high duration during battle. Those who can afford the means go even further and have the relevant parts exchanged by the best the Mechanicus can offer, all to make sure that they can stay battle-ready as long as needed.

Effects: an enhanced power supply allows the player to roll an additional d5 when determining the operative duration of the powered armour of the character, discarding the lowest result. Good craftsmanship versions add +1 hour to the duration while best craftsmanship adds +2 hours to the duration

Used with: any powered armour

Charge Transfer Unit [Scarce; 1kg]

A charge transfer unit is flat, box-like device with two portss for Munitorium Standard las weapon charge packs that can be attached to a belt or gear harness. When two charge packs are inserted into the ports, the CTU determines the pack with that has fewer shots left and transfers the energy to the other charge packs (with a rate of five standard shots per combat round).

CTU´s thereby allow to turn an assortment of half-emptied charge packs into a couple of full charge packs, a status that is much more appreciated by troops in the field as they habitually switch to a full pack at the end of an engagement.

With the exception of overcharge packs, the CTU Unit can handle all Munitorium Standard charge packs for las weapons, but cannot exchange charge between packs of a different type.

Poor craftsmanship models drain 1d5 shots from the pack with the lower charge (“waste”).

Good craftsmanship models transfer the complete charge within one round of combat.

Best craftsmanship models of this device do not exist.

Amplified Shock Discharger [Weapon Upgrade] [Scarce]

Additional components added to the weapon allow for a more powerful shock discharge.

Effect: The weight of the weapon is increased by 0,5kg When a character hit by this weapon has to test for Toughness (according to the rules of the “Shocking” Trait), the difficulty of the test is increased by one step (i.e. “Difficult” instead of “Challenging”).

Poor craftsmanship versions increase the weight by +1kg instead of 0,5 kg and add the “Unbalanced” to the weapon (or turning it into “Unwieldy”, if the weapon already includes the other trait in its template

Good craftsmanship versions furthermore add +1 to any achieved DoS (if any!)

Best craftsmanship versions furthermore do not increase the weight


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