[Random Encounters] Hive Volg (or any other industrialized hellhole), Part two

With this post, I continue my re-post of old material regarding sights and scenes in Hive Volg on Fenksworld

The PC venture into an area bordering at an abyss, the edge guarded by crank gunnners that point their barrels down into the darkness. The streets here are crowded as there is one of the few Almshouses nearby.

While the characters go about there own business, they suddenly hear gunfire followed by the whaling of an industrial siren and the people in the street turn into a panicking mob. If the PC turn toward the danger, they see some men (what goes as enforcers in this district) manning the crank guns firing down into the abyss. Pale, malformed slimy things leap up from there, disgusting pale beasts that look like a mix of frog and dog, the size of a man.

[Loved ones on sale]
(This scene assumes that the PC are clearly identifiable as superior by the natives). As the characters make their way through the ugly streets of Volg, they hear shouts behind them. A local women (who looks like 40 but is end 20) tries to catch up with them, in the one hand a filth-stained piece of paper, in the other the hand of a small boy (about two years old) whom she is drags along.

If the PC understand here broken Low Gothic (Linguistic check;+20) they will learn that she tries to sell the boy to them. The paper is a birth certificate that states that the boy is born “fifth generation in the Volg” (and by local law free to leave if he can afford it). She offers to sell him for 10 thrones (“good boy! Cleans ! Carries!”) but will go down to as low as 5 thrones (if the PC do not show interest). If the characters refuse to buy the boy, she will break down and cry.

Actually, she is a whore by depth and the “agreement” with her pimp (and the drugs she buys from him) increases her dept each day. Lately, the pimp announced that he will take her boy away as compensation for parts of her dept. While she has given up herself, she has not given up on her boy yet. Thereby, she stole money aside to buy a fake birth certificate (she was sentenced five years ago and the boy is first generation and thereby not allowed to leave) and seeks for a way to get her boy out of here. If the characters buy the boy but stay in the area, the pimp might hire some local muscle to get him back as “he belongs to me by right!”

[Taking out the trash]
Up the street, the PC see a number (1d5+1) of underfed and near-naked men and women who lie in their own filth on the street. They tremble and twitch from time to time, the other people on the street give them a wide berth.

As the characters slowly walk on, they will note an old guy in wide, tattered black ropes approaching the “twitchers” who pulls along a ramshackle chart. From this, he slowly pulls out an old, short staffed pickax from under a bunch of rags. Callously, he bashes in the skull of the first “twitcher”, then locks the pickax into the chest of the corps and pulls it onto the chart. The old man slowly turns to the next “twitcher” and raises the pickaxe. Nobody pays the scene any attention.

[The “twitchers” are drug addicts who ran out of money and are completely nerve-burned by the bad drugs they had been sold. They actually lie in front of the drug den which just threw them out after their money was spend and they were not able to leave on their own anymore. The old man in the black makes a living of boiling corpses to produce soap from the fat (and other things from other body parts). To him, those “twitchers” are just one step away from being dead anyway, and he has lived in Volg for to long and has seen to much to care. So, he comes around from time to time to see what he can pick up.


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