[DH2nd] NPC backgrounds for other acolytes

In October 2011, the FFG forum user “Graver” opened up a topic to request some fresh ideas for NPC. He was about to brew up a cell of another Inquisitor whose members would become rivals of the PC. Back then, I provided four NPC that I would like to share with you here as well (two of them now, two in my next post). Feel free to use them as NPC in your session or even as inspiration for your next DH character.

They were written for DH1st and their background ties refer to worlds that are not officially part of the Askellon sector of DH2nd. So, a GM would need to make a few changes here and there.


Sherlon Gavv is a small man with a head shaved bald with and a nigh constant half-smile who is usually dressed in mono-colored jumpsuits and worn leather gloves. The jumpsuits he wears out of habit since his time in the SPA-Force (“Space-Air”) of his homeworlds PDF. Back then, his determination and sheer lust for flying eventually made him part of the RRCAS Guncutter Squadrons (“rapid redeployment and close air support”). There, he was enhanced with the MIU implants and picked up the habit of constantly wearing gloves to better protect the knuckle contacts.

Sherlon is an energetic person who enjoys life in all its aspects, especially gambling, drinking and the company of men (you read this right. While Sherlon is not waving this fact into everyone’s faces, he is not making a secret out of it either. He never “enganges” with people he works close with, so). He is capable and talented guncutter pilot who had seen quit a few combat missions. During these mission he picked up another habit, and a nasty one. Stim. He is unwilling to accept the fact that a human body has limits and regularly uses Stim to push himself beyond those. The regular use of Stim was tolerated among RRCAS pilots and even encouraged during missions, but after each assignment Sherlon is trapped in a circle of hyperactivity followed by the “down” the substance leaves him with.

While he was not born within a Mechanicus domain, his faith has converted more and more to that of Mars and he treats every craft he flies like a shrine.

Quote: Okay, it´s gloves off now!

The androgyny looking Robbies Necreau has the light frame and pale skin of a hiver, while his long blond hair indicate that he is not from the working class. Anyone who gives him a personal slight that is not politely corrected (“taken back”) after a stern and formal reassuring question about the intent of what was said will learn what Necreau´s profession is. Robbies Necreau is a “Champion of Justice”, a professional duelist bred by Scintilla´s legal system of trial by combat.

He was given into the care of a sword-school from an early age on in order to follow his family´s tradition. Raised in an environment not unlike a Schola Progenia, he is very formal, polite and correct in his manners. This comes especially true in regard to pride and he will never ever openly insult another unless he is willing to spill blood over the matter.
While himself a man of honor, he knows that the majority of men are simple scum who do not deserve to be treated better then they treat others. Thereby, he has thereby no scruple about the use of “dirty tricks” against those if necessary.

His current function is that of a bodyguard, a service he is not a stranger to and his quick wit and reflexes serve him well, as his skills with pistols do. While he always dresses to the occasion, he is never without his sword (a fine mono-weapon with the words “Justice” and “Honor” engraved into the one and the other side of the blade) and a high-powered las pistol.

“Well, I am not a man who needlessly turns down a request. Especially not one that is so decisively brought forth as yours is.”

“I beg your pardon, but could you put your last statement into different words for me? I want to be sure that I did not missed your words intention”

“A shame to sullen my blade with their blood, but Mother Duty never raised me to love her”.

“Men are to be fought. Dogs are put down”.

“A well formulated point of view. But please allow me to lend you a different perspective to his matter.”

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