[DH2nd] Backgrounds for other Acolytes

The following is the second part of the article found [here].

 Milli Bethwitt has a handsome round face with big brown eyes but a little too much weight and waist for many men´s taste. The swirl of electoos on her body (which those on the corner of her cleavage and shoulder only give a hint to) would not be of the taste of a regular imperial citizen either. But regular imperial citizens are not the people Milli was raised to deal with. Born in Gunmetal City, Milli lived a life among the brothers and sister of her clan, and this was life by the gun. While life was cheap there, those she had taken where enough to give her a reputation with the other criminal elements and she herself was never particular picky about how money could be made. But what could have been a success story in a hive ripe with violence and crime ended with a raid of the PDF intended to give the platoons a taste of blood. As the Enforcers mobbed up later, they found Milli and some other of her clan to be not dead yet and bagged the survivors.

Milli is different to most of her “peers” in that she does not feel any loyalty to her Inquisitor and not much to her cell mates, either. She is loyal to the remainders of her clan, so, and that is the leverage the Inquisitor uses. He literally bought her and the few other survivors and ensured that they were locked up safely in some of the better prisons of the planet. Milli, singled out as the most reasonable of the lot, was offered a deal. She could put her talents to use for the Inquisitor and thereby earn her clan mates an early release (8 years; “after good behavior”) and herself some freedom while at work for her new employee. Or, she could decline and it would be seen that she and the others would be send to the next dirt hole of an infection ridden penal colony that was available.

The forma gunclan-girl is foul-mouthed, unfriendly and prone to violence towards almost everybody. She behaves around her cellmates and her Inquisitor since she does not wish her deal to be cancelled, but she misses no opportunity to make it known that she is not a here for the sake of the Imperium and that she is not buying into the ideals and believes most of the others uphold. In her private quarters she has paved a wall with pics of her clan mates, both those dead and those still alive. As part of the deal, she regularly exchanges astropathic messages with them (to be sure that they are alive and well).

While a good gunslinger, her main purpose in the cell is to lend the set of skills to the group she acquired during her life as a criminal.


Eleisa Veritan is as plain as a piece of parchment, which is right and proper for a scribe and a very common trait of any men or women hailing from Dreah, where everything is greyish or grey. Even the skin and hair of all the people living there.

For some reason Eleisa never understood, she was not popular with her fellow scribes in the semi-monastic order she was part of. Where she came from, most people where quiet morose, a fact that made her turn to books and writings in the first place (along with the bright and beautiful illuminations of the first letter of every page). Being learned, capable, of unquestionable integrity and lowest of popularity made her an excellent candidate for a most special duty. One of the reasons the monastic order of the Scribes of St.Becca was founded was to read texts to certify if a certain text was a moral threat, heretical or of forbidden nature or not. The scribes themselves gathered Forbidden Knowledge in the process and those analyzing tomes of the most dubious of sources would sooner or later garner a taint to the soul which would lead to final absolution, and an execution by a member of the Inquisition.

As Eleisa was offered to serve in this most dire of duties, she could not turn it down without being excluded from the monastic order: from her life. So, she took up the duty and eventually the Inquisition came for her as the years had passed. To her surprise, she was not facing execution. She was made to join a cadre of Acolytes to assist them in their work with her knowledge.

Eleisa Veritan is now in her early 40s and she longs for death. While she is far from being utterly corrupted or mutated, she is sure to feel the taint on her soul (CP:18 andt the “Ashen Taste” Malignancy) and would have wished for her life being ended with the final absolution that would normally had ended her duty. But she is unable not to serve the will of the Imperium. And to her, an Inquisitor is the will of the Emperor manifest. Her head is shaved, she wears grey robes and bears herself like in grieve. She is a morose person who never smiles and will never be a joyful companion to anyone, not even to herself. She tends to drink before she falls to sleep, and when she drinks she tends to cry.

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