[Random Encounters] Events for post-apocalyptic campfire nights [MF]

The following five events are not part of the my 20 events for post-apocalyptic campfire nights, but just happen to be the same breed of random encounter and are Mutant Future(tm) compatible.

1# As the character is about to put a new piece of wood into the fire, he suddenly feels a tingling sensation on his hand. As he looks he sees a couple of tiny insects crawl out of the dead wood and onto him. With a successful save vs. DEX the character will be able to swipe them off before they can crawl up his arm and into his clothes. While the tiny, flea like creatures are harmless themselves, they will try to “life” in the clothes of the character and their excrements causes a skin rash. Starting with the next dusk, an affected character will suffer [-1] to all CHA checks till he was able to wash his clothes and himself thoroughly.

2# A pair of yellow shining eyes stares at the character standing guard. They belong to something the size of a 10 year old child that crouches in the darkness on all fours, resting on its hind legs. The skin of the humanoid is grey and knobby and a bone crest runs down the forehead. It seems to be naked. When the character makes a sudden move or tries to approach, it will turn round and run off into the night and all fours, like a mad ape but without making a sound.

3# An overgrown centipede, about two meters long and as thick as a grown man´s wrist, rushes through the campsite and past the character standing guard. It will be scuttling away into the night before the character has a chance of doing anything.

4# Thick fog rises up during the characters watch and will stay till dawn. Sounds will be dampened and clothes and equipment becomes moist. What is worse is the strange, stinging smell that comes with the mist. Everyone lacking a tent or who spends at least one turn outside will need to pass a saving throw vs. Death or is going to suffer a [-1] penalty on all physical tests for the first half of the next day as his joints swell and hurt.

5# During the night, some of the thicker “grass” around the camp site starts to split open at the top, revealing a wet-greenish inside. If a blade of this grass is brought close to the nose, characters will recognize a sweet smell. The grass blades are filled with a sticky nectar which is sweet and tasty. In the morning, as soon as the sun colors the sky with a red hue, more and more insects will be drawn to the “grass”. They will glue to the sticky, clear substance and the blades of grass will slowly close around them again.


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