[SPOTLIGHT] Watchout for these dragons! [ART]

Do you like dragons? Of course you do! The fact that you are currently reading this blog entry classifies you as somebody into RPG, and people who are into RPG like dragons. It is a matter of fact, just as it is never wrong to assume that somebody who is into RPG is in one way or the other found of super heroes.

Following the principle called “argumentum e contrario”, Lynton Levengood must be into RPG because he clearly is into dragons AND into super heroes. Otherwise, I cannot see how he came up with the idea to re-imagine comic super heroes as dragons. Have a look and enjoy his artwork, and the next time your characters meet a dragon consider using one of his and see if the players will recognize what they have in front of them.
Talking about “being into dragons” … well… the last time I showed having a soft spot for the sweet and cuddly things in life, the woman that was then sitting on the sofa with me made fun of me, but I simply cannot say that I would not like these cute dragons here.

If you would excuse me for now, I am off onto a quest to have smartphone snatching dragons nesting in my local area…


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