[Session Prep] The Saliwaan Operation [3..really? Just 3? Duh!]

As I am writing this, it is Thursday and on Friday (when I will publish this) I will have my next DH2nd session. As the last session did not played out as intended, a change of gears is in order….

My original plan for the game was something along the lines of:

  • the characters are haunted by nightmares and recognize that those do not have “natural” reasons
  • said nightmares have links to their recent missions and an artifact they found and secured during said mission
  • the dreams themselves and the presence of a (now mind-wiped) culprit among the guards of this place provide them enough clues to assume that something is kept in the prison tower that is linked to said mission and is now tainting the place actively.
  • As Master Jaspar is (initially) unresponsive to any inquires, they try to get information out of interaction with the present guards.
  • Said information and more and more strange incidents and happenings inside the tower itself help the characters to persuade Master Jaspar that it is necessary to reveal the presence of some captives that were involved in the late missions, including Julius Hesentanz, who turns out to be a victim of demonic possession.
  • As these knowledge is obtained and the characters set out to deal with Julius Hesentanz, the daemon gives up his “game” and the final battle commences.

Sadly, that is not working out as planned and as I would like to bring the game back to speed and the mission to an end, I need to change my plans accordingly.

The new course of events will be:

  • during the very next “interrogation” Master Jaspar conducts, the daemon present inside of the complex uses its powers to tear the already weakened veil in the interrogation room to allow a daemon to enter real-space.
  • Said daemon quickly possesses the prisoner currently tortured, kills Master Jaspar right on the spot and is about to start a killing spree while the death of Master Jaspar activates self-destruct.
  • While the characters need to deal with the possessed and the self-destruct, the daemon possessing Julius Hesentanz uses the “ripples” from the torn veil to to proceed in destabilizing the space. During the time he was locked here with all the prisoners he had ample time bestow dark dreams upon many of them and pacts are about the be fulfilled.

So much for the new plan. The followings need to be taken care of:

  • Rules for Fear and Warpshock must be taken into account, otherwise this will be laking punch.
  • A fitting soundtrack needs to be found
  • Rules for a “race-against-time” scheme to disable the self-destruct while dealing with a raging possessed need to be put down
  • The use and abuse of the remaining mind-wiped needs to be considered
  • The events that allow the characters to find “Hesentanz” need to be put down, as well as a series of other incidents and fights that keep the characters busy
  • Last but not least, the final confrontation with “Hesentanz” and an epiloge to all of this.

As I am to run this game tomorrow (for you: today, as you read this post), I will need to now finalize all the ideas I have brewed up for this. The scenes, the rules and the rest of it will be released over the course of the next week, piece by piece, followed by the (hopefully!) final session rep for the Saliwaan Operation.


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