[SESSION REP] The Saliwaan Operation [Part 8]

The Saliwaan Operation has ended last Friday and my group and I will lay DH2nd to rest for now, as it is one of my players turn to GM. He will be using the RPG background known in Germany as „Das schwarze Augen“ (you might know it as „The dark eye“) while using a personal adaption of the Savage World rules system. I am looking forward to it.

The game started without any further nightmares, the characters were still sleeping in different shifts and the one who was in his bed passed the Willpower test. As I had skipped my previous idea and was about to kick into high gear anyway, there was no more need to urge the characters into action by forcing “bad dreams” onto them. Master Jaspar awoke and went back to “work”, which sums up as torturing another inmate of the prison tower. While he did, the daemon that was already possessing Hesentanz (and whom has grown more active as he had been sensing the PC, as one of them had the taint from one of the artifacts he was linked to) used his powers to have the already weakened veil in the torture chamber rip completely so that another daemon entity could enter the real world and take over the weakend mind, body and soul of the inmate Master Jaspar was currently “working on”.

The characters heard the screams of the inmate coming to a stop and then heared a different voice screaming which they realized must belong to Master Jaspar. Next, the crack of Las weapons being fired was heared, accompanied by more screaming. Those who wear awake quickly woke up their fellow acolyte, and as they got themselves into gear an alarm inside the tower started to blair.

That some of the mind-wiped guards acted strange as a response to the alarm (they saw one of them stopping dead in his tracks before kneeling down and starting to pray) was something they did not paid much head to, but as the Mechanica recognized that this was a self-destruct, they split up. Silicia has a set of special-use mechandrites that allow her to move about a little like “Doc Octopus” from the Spiderman series, and so she climbed up the middle of the shaft to Master Jaspars gondula, where she would try to stop the countdown. She did so in utmost haste, as she could not know how much time was left, risking a deadly drop down to the shaft if her skill would fail her. In the meanwhile, the Arbitrator and the Sister of Battle stormed down the levels and stairs (from level 12 to level 10) in order to confront whatever was about.

Silicia made it and master the security protocols quickly, interrupting the countdown while Sister Valentina and Arbitrator Eisenstein started to have the possessed body of the inmate in their sight whom had made short work out of Master Jaspar and the two guards that had arrived on the scene before them. This information lead to Silicia keeping herself ready to re-initiate the countdown (after she managed to interrupt it) just in case that Valentina and Eisenstein would not be able to deal with the thread. While the Sister of Battle closed in further to confront the monstrosity at close-quarters, Eisenstein attack the creature from one level above, throwing krak grenades at it. It was a clear hit, but the possessed was still standing after the explosion (so with one arm close to being torn off) and answered with a slightly modified version of the telekinetic assail power. Eisenstein did only receive light damage, but was thrown backwards to the next wall. Sister Valentina closed in to the position a larger, rectangular pillar but the daemon-thing had noted her and moved her way with supernatural silence. Would Eisenstein not have been back on his feet so quick, he could not have warned Valentina of the Daemon and the best might have rushed and surprised her.

A melee between the power-armor clad Valentina and the possessed entity started at and behind the pillar, which left Eisenstein with no target. He switched to his two heavily modified pistol weapons and called for the Sister of Battle to drive the monster out from the cover so he could shoot. This did not happen, so. The sororita was able to land one good blow with her chainsword and the daemon failed another psychic power roll (which I decided would make him stop using this for a few rounds). The possessed creature instead managed to engage the Sororita in a grapple. I ran this part one-on-one combat rather freestyle with the player of the Sororita, as she is less about rules-mechanics and (the gods bless her!) even less about arguing situations in a technical way but more about “situation and choices”. So, I described the situation to her, asked her what “she” (Valentina) would like to do and formed that into combat actions with tests and opposed tests. I had run a thing like that with her before, in another game of DH(1st Edition) and it seems that she finds this approach enjoyable (and I do it for sure!). So, Valentina and the warp-fiend struggled, but before the thing could even start to throw her down the central shaft (Eisenstein would then have had a chance for shooting) the tore the (already healing) arm of him before ending its existence with shot from her bolt pistol at point blank range. Sister Silica terminated the self-destruct completely…and I will continue with the end of the story on Monday 😉


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