[SHA] A weird, contaminated world ..Vol.01 [MF]

It has been a while since I released my last product, but I am far from over with this. No, I am just beginning.

Today, I would like to offer you a weird, contaminated world. It is my “Volume One” in what is to become a series of supplements about things to add to your games of Mutant Future (or any other post-apocalyptic OSR-clone you decide to rehash this for).

Weird, contaminated world Vol. 1 brings you 20 new mental mutations (eleven beneficial and nine drawbacks), three new monsters and a new optional “character race”. The product is Mutant Future(tm) compatible, but with an additional bit of work it might be usable with other “OSR clones”, too.

The mental mutations are compatible with the “class system” of Mutants & Mazes of the Mutant Future(tm) core rules, but can be used as a separate d20 table to roll on, the monsters are an addition for the GM´s arsenal and the new “character race” can be used with both the classic Mutant Future(tm) rules for PC generation as well as with the rules for Mutants & Mazes.

But, that isn´t all!

See, when I started this blog I promised I would spice my shameless house advertising (SHA) with freebees. Well, I sometimes having problems coming up with a worthy piece of freebee, so I am going to change tactics here.

Instead of giving you a freebee, I am offering you a special, limited discount. The first 20 of you people that use this link to put the product into their virtual shopping carts will get it for 0.50 USD instead of 1.00 USD. So, get them while they are hot!
If you like what you see, please have a look at my other products, too, think about following my blog and keep in mind that I am still looking for other bloggers to review my products.

Thanks for your attention, and have a great day!


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