[WIP] The Inquisitor´s Prison Tower [DH2nd]

As you will have already noted from my session reps, the last part of the Saliwaan Operation did not worked out as intended by me. While I am at peace with this failure of mine to (as a GM) execute what I had brewed up in back of my mind, I still think that the concept, setup and overall design was not a complete failure. I just did not prepare it well enough and…well, failed at the execution of what I had prepared.

So, I will go start to turn this idea of mine into my first ever published fanwork adventure for DH2nd and will from now on post my progress as [WIP] (work in progress) here in my blog. The scenario I try to create will start at the point the characters are flying to the prison tower in their own shuttle/guncutter (so that you as the GM can later fit it into any solar system you like to have it in) and will end with the characters finding and defeating the daemon that possesses Julius.

The blog posts will be infrequent, as I will not be able to truly focus on this side project (I have other things I have set my sights on…) but will try to add another post (and thereby, another piece of the adventure) up about once a week.

And while I am talking about this, I can already start as well. I had prepared some maps for the tower. They are “raw”, but I have to start somewhere and so I start with them. Look forward for more to come.

Floor lvl 10th lvl 12th lvl 13th lvl cell lvl


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