[SHA] 30 drawbacks for sci-fi vampires

You want to introduce vampires into a sci-fi setting (or want to bring your vampire-game into a sci-fi world) but you aren´t sure about how to translate the classic curses of vampiredom into the future?

Gregorius21778: 30 drawbacks for sci-fi vampires  is a collection of possible tell-tales and curses for vampires in a spacefaring RPG setting. The romantic notions of Bram Stoker´s Dracula  have been put aside and were replaced with or re-envisioned into elements that will help to depict a vampire as a creature from beyond the stars, a demon spawn of the outer dark or as just something alien yet esoteric.

These new drawbacks focus both on technological elements common in most sci-fi RPG, onto space and space travel and onto concepts like darkness, hunger, emptiness and fear. With only a few exceptions, no assumption about the power, appearance or “game role” of a vampire were made while creating the drawbacks. Same is true in regard to the RPG background setting they might be used with. Thereby, the product should proof to be usable no matter if your  “vampires in space” are PC or NPC, a race or an individual, tragic heroes or demonic monstrosities.

The supplement is system neutral, in-game effects are mentioned as minor or major penalties to tests, as temporary attribute damage or simply described as a certain effect.
And since I announced freebees regarding my “shameless house advertising”…   the first three that use this link here will get the product for free. Yes, you read this right: a limited freebee offer. Go and get your copy!

Oh, talking about limited offers: the one I made with my last SHA is still not exhausted. Just saying….



3 thoughts on “[SHA] 30 drawbacks for sci-fi vampires

  1. Looks like i had missed this one. One of my friends has been bugging me for ages because she wants to play a vampire in Dark Heresy (She loves Twilight. Don’t judge.), and I might just let her this time because it looks like these drawbacks will make the game really interesting (well, more than Twilight, hopefully).

    Thanks for the freebee Gregorius, that was really nice!

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  2. Finally, a „taker“! Thanks, Gronchon. I started to feel like somebody who is offering free hugs with NOBODY wanting any for the last two days ;).

    Feel free to leave post about what you tried to use and how it worked out, I would love to know 🙂 And talking about freebees: I plan on providing such giveaways on a regularly basis, so simply stay tuned, read the [SHA] articles carefully and you might be able to save yourself a bug here and there.


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