[Freebee&SHA] I wonder why…

Guys, you are currently ignoring a freebee and I really start to wonder why.

I mean, as I offered my Weird, Contaminated World Vol.01 for half the price to the first 20 people who would use the link on my blog, I understood that people just might not want to buy 20 mental mutant powers, 3 monsters and one new character race (mutant human variant) that are Mutant Future(tm) compatible even if it is just 50 cents.

But that nobody grabs one of the three digital copies of 30 drawbacks for sci-fi vampires that I offer for free leaves me a bit puzzled. Sure, it is wise not to take stuff home one has no use for as it clutters up the place…but is your hard drive really this cluttered already?

Well, the offer is still there and the links found on the matching pages of my blog (marked SHA for “shameless house advertising”) are still valid. Just saying … *winks* 🙂


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