[SHA] 20 zombie encounters [MF]

Hi again!

I am back with 20 new encounters, and this time the dead shall serve me… and you… but not your players…

20 zombie encounters provides (guess what?) 20 encounters with the walking, running, shambling and/or crawling (un)dead for use in your old-school, weird, science-fantasy post-apocalyptic RPG… or any other OSRPG where you have use for retro-scifi mutant encounters of the undead kind.

The actual encounters reign in at 3504 words (encounter titles included), with the individual entries covering everything from “small scene” over “strange happenstance including one or more zombies” all the way down to the good ol´ “random monster attack”. Most feature the regular run-of-the-mill zombies but four of them have slightly different breed (or it it “reek”?) included. All entries are Mutant Future(tm) compatible, but every GM worth his title will be able re-write what little rules are provided to match the game system he and his players currently stick to.

…and as this is my blog, and as this is my [SHA], I sha-ll provide you with a little treat. The first three people to use this link  will actually get it for free (yep, this time it is not a PWYW). So, get it while it is hot!

Oh, I am still looking for bloggers willing to write reviews, so that would be another way to get a free copy.


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