“Ghosts of Mars” goes Mutant Future

As announced, I am going to share my thoughts about turning John Carpenter´s „Ghosts of Mars“ into world setting for „Mutant Future(tm)“. It will be a much less crazy world as one can throw most of those weird mutations and wacko monsters out of the window, but it will stay a deadly and dangerous world none the less, the prime evil will be the almost invincible Ghosts of Mars

The Ghosts“ (disembodied)

No. Enc.: 1d20
Alignment: Chaotic
Armor Class: N/A*
Movement: 120´(40´)
Armor Class: N/A*
Hit Dice: 1 – 5
Attacks: Possession
Damage: N/A*
Save: L5
Morale: 10

The “ghost” is in a state similar to an invisible gas cloud. A barrier that is not airtight cannot stop it as it will just slip through, the human eye cannot see it but it perceives its surrounding and is able to to move on its own accord to reach a victim for a possession. Strong winds are a problem for it, so as it can change its movement rate for and even just blow it away. Explosions disrupt it in this form and the “Ghost” is vulnerable to radiation, but is immune to most other forms of harm.

If the “Ghost” is able to make contact with a human it can try to invade its body. It isn´t important if the human holds its breath or has its mouth shut.. as long as it isn´t sealed into anything airtight, the “Ghost” can try to possess a target. The victim must pass an Ability Test vs. Willpower to resist, with the HD of the “Ghost” as a penalty. If the test is passed, the Ghost is repelled for 1d10 x5 minutes during which it is unable to do anything. If the test is failed, the Ghost begins to take over immediately and after 2d6 minutes it will have complete control over the body. Half of that time, the Ghost will already be the dominant entity inside the body but will be in a confused state as it needs to accustom itself to its new form. The “Ghosts” have problems bounding with a mind that´s conscious is inhibited. They cannot possess animals and a human gets a bonus to the ability test to avoid possession if stunned (+2) or asleep, unconscious or under the influence of psychoactive drugs (+4 in each case).

Afterwards a successful takeover, the “Ghost” will use the bodies and thereby its hit points but remains it hit dice and saving throws. It will go about “adorning” itself with mutilations and try to scavenge or fashion some crude weapons, so never a modern ranged weapon. If the body gets killed, the “Ghost” is driven out and will be disorientated for 1d6 x3 minutes.


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