[SHA] 50 Curses [LL]

“Curse over you…!”

(famous last words of many an evil magic user)

Are the characters of your RPG group about to slay an evil witch or daemonic sorcerer that you want to curse the heroes with her or his final breath? Will they enter the tomb of a king of ancient times and you want this very act to bring them woe, right from the point where they set a foot into the dungeon? Or did they enraged a cult or powerful but hidden individual that is going to curse them before they start their next journey? Or did you decided to have a cursed item in your next game, but haven´t made up your mind about the nature of the curse…?

Look no further! “Gregorius21778: 50 Curses” will provide you with 50 examples. The rules (and the themes of the individual curses) found in this PDF aim at OSR fantasy games and are Labyrinth Lord(tm) compatible.



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