[SHA] The Radioactive Spellbook [MF]

The post-apocalyptic shaman cackled manically from his side of the roof as the ruin trembled under our feet and cracks appeared and widened under our feet! In haste we ran toward him and of the section of the flat roof that began to collapse. Only Berklesh, the Mutomancer that had joined us in our quest against the vile, mad shaman, ran into a different direction and behind the cover of a series of old air ducts. Errikara screamed as she pulled out her curved sword while she stormed forward but stopped quickly as large pile of rusted metal behind the still laughing madman began to rise! I was pulling out my artifact pistol as Berklesh attacked the humanoid assortment of junk from the side, his body swollen in a grotesque way from all the muscles his conjured second form gave him. As he and Erricara clashed with the being of rust I gave off a shot at the thing, but my ray of red light was answered by a spray of bullets from the shaman that had pulled out a machine pistol to defend himself and the otherworldly fiend he had summoned….

The Radioactive Spellbook provides you with 45 spells that were tailored to fit into a weird, post-apocalyptic science-fantasy game. They are compatible with “Labyrinth Lord”(tm) and Mutant Future(tm) so that they can be used together with the Mutants & Mazes ™ crossover-rules for these two systems.

Together with the spells for them, a new class of Elemental is introduced: the Deteremental. Last but not least, two new character classes are ready to either be used as PC or to be withheld from the players so that the GM can use them to full effect as NPC: the Post-Apocalyptic Shaman and the Mutomancer.

..and of course, I have special discount for you, my dear readers

By using [THIS LINK], the first ten of you will get it for 50 cent instead of one dollar.


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