[Things to come] Weird, contaminated world Vol.02

I am currently working on the second volume of my Weird, contaminated world, but work progresses more slowly than I hoped it would. Anyway, some of the work I  already can and will share with you. And as last time, it is Mutant Future ™ compatible



The plant called “Corpsebride” is both a rare and strange fungus that seems to be spread by flies in the same way as bees help in the spread of flowers. The spore are transport by (often mutated and/or carnivorous) flies and once they get into contact with a (rife) corpse, the fungus grows quickly and fruiting bodies roughly the size of a grown man´s fingernail appear within two days. Within hours, they split up along their middle, like somebody would have cut an “x” into their top, and flies that touch the inner parts take up new spore, so that the circle continues.

The thing that makes Corpsebride special (and thought after) is a certain quality of the fruiting body when dried and smoked: to those who can master the state of mind the smoked fungus induces, Corpsbride opens the conscious in a way that leads to “whole” understanding of the self. Those who do not are up for a horror trip. Characters who smoked dried Corpsebride (which takes three rounds to take effect) must pass an Ability Test vs. Willpower. If the test is passed the user receives a +3 bonus to all Willpower tests and a +1 bonus to all Intelligence tests for the next ten rounds. Those who fail the test suffer from a (-2) penalty on all tests and automatically fail all checks for traps, surprise or anything else that has to do with the senses during the next ten rounds.



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