[SHA] Weird, contaminated world Vol.2

Weird, contaminated world Vol.02: Hazards & Oddities is out now!

… and it is is all about the oddities of a mutated post-apocalyptic world and about the hazards of the environment. The first part of the book contains twenty entries of such oddities to confront your players with during their next game session. Not all of them are harmful but those who are enforce the dire nature of what the world has come to. The entries are:

Bigmole Colonies: a hazard for travelers, but a fine food source

Bitterberry Bush: not everything that looks tasty is tasty

Chemo Fog: a chemical environmental hazard

Contaminated Water/ Rain: …and another one!

Corpsebride: a strange fungus with even stranger qualities

Death Nettle Mushroom: nomen est omen

Gluebush: a nuisance with possible uses

Indicator Moss: not all of Mother Nature´s new children are evil

Mother of Allergies: …but a lot are!

Moldslime Patch: ..or are just…icky

Plastic Tar: once a basic material, now basically a danger

RAD-Head Fungus: radiation zones just got worse

Raider Ants: this is not going to be a picnic

Rust Plague: the piranha of rust

Spitting Lilies: the flower itself is sweet…

Subsonic Wardens: noise pollution is pollution, too

Umbrella Mushroom: odd-but-useful

Wormroot: mean-but-useful

Wormwood: icky-and-useless

Yellowveil: just keep your head above the water…

The second part and final section offers five new beneficial physical mutations that will help a mutant human or animal to persist in a hostile environment and two new mutant “races” that do so: the mutant humans know as Contamination Zone Mutants and the Carnivorous Radiation Zone Moss-Gestalt: a non-humanoid mutant plant player race for those who want try something different.

Pages of content: 10 pages of content (12 pages in total)
Word count: 6483


…..aaaand   as this is my 25fth product I release, I offer it for 50 cents (instead of one dollar) to the first five people using this link here.


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