What in Earl´s name is this ! ?

This is what happens if I start out with an idea I kinda like and have it develop a life of its own. It happened after I finished the Radioactive Spellbook.: I started to think about spells for post-apocalyptic cars and at some point I did not limit it to post-apocalyptic cars and did not even wanted to have a post-apocalyptic cover for it. Instead, I ended up with this cover and I am not ashamed to say that I like it.

So, here you have 23 spells that are Labyrinth Lord(tm) compatible but focus on something you are not going to find in any (regular!) Labyrinth Lord RPG: modern day cars. You won´t even find those in most Mutant & Mazes ™ games, I guess. But, you don´t have to. It is pay what you want, it is there and if you have an idea for an OSR game where both wizards and cars exist, grab this one here. Or just grab this one her and dream about it, it is Pay-What-You-Want after all. Have fun, I had mine while I made up the spells (and especially while coming up with the front cover).

And you know what it? If you already have an idea about what to do with it, I beg you to go and grab if for free if you give me your unspoken promise to leave a comment right here (later) that tells me and the others just what you used it for.

Gimme fuel! Gimme fire! Gimme that what I desire! [Metallica / “Fuel”]



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