[Post-A] Names for Roadwarrior Vehicles

“I might not know much about my customers, but I know that they are taking names…”

Jacky tried to relax as they drove down the old highway and back to Trader´s Crossing, but she did not managed it and was not sure if the Pack Rat´s failing buffers were to blame. The light box truck was cram-full with the loot they had manged to score in Roachtown, they had been out before more of the big bugs scuttled in, nobody died and within the next 90 minutes they would reach the Polehills, so why was her gut instinct still telling her that they…

Pixie calling Pack Rat. There is trouble ahead. Over.” The short-wave radio cracked and gave Jacky the reason for her heartburn. Her co-driver grabbed the mike while she cursed silenty “Pack Rat calling Pixie. What is it? Over.” The roaring engine of the Pixie was close to drowing out the answer of Gerry, the driver of the buggy they used as scout and advance party. “A fucking war party, that what it is! The Skullcrusher and three mid-sized cars are coming right our way, one of them is Curveball. Over!” – “Gerry, are you sure about that!? Over!” The third voice on the radio was Jerome, the driver of their escort car. He had been against throwing Richard and his old Mustang out of the team right from the start and now sounded shocked. “Acknowledged, Rebound. It F***ING is the Curveball!! OVER!” Jacky pushed the pedal to the medal before she pulled her co-drivers hand over to her mouth, and Meredith opened the mike for her. “Okay folks, all listen to ME now! We hit it and try to to reach the intersection. Pixie, wait there. You and the others will form the rear guard. We are not going toe-to-toe with a war truck plus escort. Copy!” The others acknowledged her command while Jacky gripped the steering wheel tighter and Meredith readied the AK. “You know that we could not outdistance them even when the Pack Rat would be empty, right?” – “Yeah, I do Meredith. But I bet that Benson does not know that, so he will send the cars ahead to engage and cripple us so that the Skullcrusher can catch up. That means we have a chance of taking those escorts out before the wartruck comes into range.” A slim chance.. but the best they had…

* * * * *

99 names for roadwarrior vehicles. Nothing more, nothing less. Pay what you want, but remember: everything counts in large amounts.


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