Traits for the Haunted, Ill and Inbreed

In May 2010 I posted a list of Quirks  in the FFG forum. It was (and is) a simple assortment of descriptive traits one could assign to somebody who was native to the world of Dusk [DarkHeresy; 1st edition].


Now, I recognize two things: first, I was wrong about the number (the list only featured 36 entries, not 40). Second, the list can be used for much more than only Dusk. What are the defining features of the populace of Dusk? That they life a (rather) primitive life on nightmarish world that is ripe with monstrous predators, that is a hotbed for many a plague and fever and seems to have a fair share of (often supernatural) strange, sinister phenomena. All in all, a place where life is short and miserable, the people life in isolated (and slightly inbreed) communities, where madness is not uncommon and nobody is without scars (mind or body). If this sounds like your DarkFantasy RPG, your current post-apocalyptic campaign or your actual game of Chthonian Highways, feel free to use this table to generate an additional descriptive trait or two for your PC or NPC

01-02  Large/small eyes
03-05  Eyes to close to/to far from each other
06-08  Over-/underbite
09-10  Cleft lip
11-15    Pale
16-18   Jumpy
19-20  Nervous tick
21-22   Missing finger/ear/nose tip
23-25   Bad cough
26-30  Pox marks
31-33   Wears 1d5+1 charms “against evil”
34-35   Scars
36-38   Warts
39-40   Ripped nails
41-43   Filthy
44-46   Huge birthmark on exposed body part
47-50   Missing teeth
51-52   Hoarse/weak voice
53-54   Ripe body odour
55-56   Small hump
57-60   Deep worry lines
61-62   Goitre
63-65   Yellow/rotten teeth
66-68   Crooked nose
69-70   Thin hair
71-72    Thin/thick lips
73-75    Small/large head
76-80   Full of lice/other small parasites
81-83    Bloodshot eyes
84-85    Peg leg
86-88   Appears to be much older
89-90   Large/small head
91-92    Stutters/is monosyllabic
93-95   Spotty skin
96-97   Constant snuffling
98-00   Ritual scars



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