[Creature Feature] Alligator gar

This is an alligator gar, a species of fish that actually exists in North America. Really, why are people like the writers of ScyFy Channel inventing new, strange crossbreeds of monster fish if the States have real-life fishes that basically are fish-dinosaurs akin to alligators which are able to grow to a size that would scare the s**t out of you if you would see one of them inside the river you are currently standing or swimming in?

Because we need our critters just a tad more tough to face our characters, that is why!

Mutant Future compatible stats: Mutated Alligator Gar; large

No. Enc.:              1 (1d4 during “mating season”)
Alignment:         Neutral
Movement:         180´(60´)  (water)
30´(***) (land)
Armor Class:      4
Hit Dice:              3
Attacks:               1 (bite)
Damage:              1d8
Save:                     L:6
Morale:                7
Hoard Class:      None

Mutated Alligator Gar grow over 6 feet long and are covered in thick, reptile-like scales that protect their powerful, muscular bodies. Their long jaws sport double-rows of teeth and are powerful enough to tear of flesh or crack bones with enough time and the right bite. Those fish are ambush hunters and are especially hard to detect in murky water (1-5 to surprise the characters).

Special Powers/Mutations: A Mutated Alligator Gar is able to survive up to one full turn outside of water where it will move akin to a snake (but far less agile). They are known to jump out of the water (up to two yards) to attack prey and end up on the shore of a lake or river regularly, but will try to retreat if they did not scored a bite against their victim. If an attack was successful, the Alligator Gar locks its powerful jaws around the target, doing 1d6 points of damage each turn. If they are hit, a Moral test decides if they let go or stay locked. All attacks against a Mutated Alligator Gar on land gain a +2 bonus (+4 if locked). In the water, the trashing and pulling of the monstrous fish makes sure that no bonus is gained by the victim they locked their jaws around. 30% of all encountered Mutated Alligator Gar have the Gigantismn mutation, making them even larger.


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