[Music] Finland Red, Egypt White

Now, for something completely different… music.

A while ago I stumbled upon a track called “Finland Red, Egypt White” of a short-lived band named the Sisterhood which seems to have been a project that included former members of Sisters of Mercy. The title “Finland Red, Egypt White” is rather old, very monotonous and some people might be put off by lyrics that are nothing more and nothing less than the technical specs of a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

…but I like it, and so I want to recommend it to you. By the by, the next time your modern / cyberpunk / scifi / post-apocalyptic characters are having a weapon-grab-session as they stock up on guns and ammo, have this track running in the background as they discuss which weapons are available and what to pick.

…and if you are like me and like to have the lyrics of the things you listen to, here they are:

Overall length eight hundred and seventy millimeters
Length of barrel four hundred and fifteen millimeters
Length of sighting line three-hundred and seventy-eight millimeters

Weight of magazine empty point-four-two kilograms
Weight of magazine loaded point-nine-two kilograms
Overall weight with loaded magazine four-point-eight kilograms

Chamber pressure forty thousand five hundred and fifty pounds per square inch

The seven-point-six-two millimetre Kalashnikov rifle fires seven-point-two-six-six-two millimetre rounds, M one-ninety
Muzzle velocity seven hundred and ten metres per second, two thousand, three hundred and eighty feet per second
Specified rate of fire six hundred rounds per minute

Six hundred rounds per minute

Service ammunition is divided into full cartridges and special purpose cartridges
Full ammunition is used to destroy personnel

Special ammunition, depending upon its construction, is designed for target identification and correction of fire, ignition of fuel and highly flammable objects or destroying lightly armoured targets

Tracer cartridges are used for target identification, fire adjustment, signal purposes and destroying personnel

Destroying personnel

Tracer bullets can ignite
The path of the bullet is indicated by a red flame
Eight B incendiary cartridges are used to ignite fuel, gasoline and for destroying targets protected by thin armour plate

The standard cartridge used by the AK-47 is the M-43, bullet weight one-two-two grains, powder weight 25 grains
Standard markings, fool model PS, no colour
Tracer model T-four-five, green tip
Eight B I model BZ, black and red tip
Incendiary model T, type Z, red tip
Special cartridges, plastic, blank with metal case, Finland red, Germany black, Egypt white
Short range cartridges, full, round nose, lacquered steel case, white tip
Tracer, round nose, lacquered steel case, white and dark green tip

There are three basic models of the AK
AK-47: machined receiver, no bayonet lug, polished hold and bolt cabinet, sighted up to eight hundred metres
AK-M: stamped receiver, bayonet lug, plug lined bolt, beaver tailed fore-grip, range up to a thousand metres
RP-K: squad LMD, longer barrel, equipped with seventy-five round drum magazine, forty round box magazine, or may use a standard thirty round magazine

Despite a specification of six-hundred rounds per minute, extensive experience of all models proves the full-automatic rate to be approximately eight-hundred rounds per minute

Destroying personnel



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