[SHA] Foul Magick and Witchcraft

Every party of adventurers is happy to have a healer along and welcome is the wise wizard who reads the magic runes and throws balls of fire at the enemies. But often, magick is of a far more sinister drift.

After having created 50 Curses that a GM could cast upon the characters of his play group I now  bring you Causes for Curses: 20 reasons why you characters could end up being cursed, and most of them do not include a mage or cleric but a simple, woeful decision on the behalf of the players. This product is Pay-what-you-want, so go and grab it. But remember: everything counts in large amounts.

Furthermore, I finished Examples of the Dark Arts: a collection 25 magic items, talismans and spells for OSR fantasy games. There are no friendly faeries dancing about, no clean tomes and bright flares of energy and awe inspiring acts. Therein lies magick based on what one can find in folk tales of old Europe and talismans that are based on the rule of sympathy with gruesome ingredients but that can be created by everyone who knows the right rites. Of course, the 25 entries also include a fair share of spells and “wizards items” that have all the might one would expect when dealing with the arcane. It furthermore includes a license grant, so that you can use the items and spells in your own published adventures (commercial and non-commercial alike).

This is the first time that I wrote a product that is compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and I hope that I captured the morbid mood of this weird fantasy rpg right.

By the by… from now on till 17.07.2016 you can have Gregorius21778: Examples of the Dark Arts at a discount price (50% off; thereby 50 cent for a copy). Time goes by… make your choice…


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