[SHA] “132 German Names” now PWYW

Hi everybody! I just wanted to let you know that 132 German Names is now “pay-what-you-want”.

Are you running a WWII-campaign and need some names for those German NPC the player characters are actually meant to talk to? Do you play a horror RPG where the PC are the heirs of Doktor Herbert Frankenstein? Or would you like to run some retro-scifi-game inspired by Jules Verne and look for some NPC names for some German competitors (or even allies)? Or is it “Earth vs. the Moon-Nazis” (or Time-Nazis or Hollow-Earth-Nazis) again? Well, whatever, …look no further!

132 German Names offers you 66 surnames, 44 male first names and 22 female first names.

Please take note: not all of these names are originally rooted in the German language. Some of them have their roots in other countries of Europe, but were used in Germany during the 18th and/ or 19th century never the less.

And while you already all because it is PWYW: you might not know it yet, this is not the only list of names I offer on the “YOU name the price, dammit!” basis 😉

100 names for androids and other artificial beings
100 names for starships in private hands
99 names for space colonies and fringe worlds
99 names for roadwarrior vehicles


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