[Creature Feature]: Houndrats [MF]

Yesterday I promised to add stats for the houndrats, and today  I start to deliver.

Mutant Future/OSR compatible stats: Houndrats

No. Enc.:                    2d6 (4d6)
Alignment:                 Neutral
Movement:                 180´* / 45´
Armor Class:              7
Hit Dice:                     1+3
Attacks:                      1 (bite)
Damage:                     1d6
Save:                           L:3
Morale:                       5

Special Mutations/Powers:

*Quick Sprint: a Houndrat can run at its top speed for approximately 10 turns (2d6+3, if a random number is preferred). After that, it only moves with half speed (90´) till for the remaining turn.

Infectious bite:  a character that suffered a bite from a houndrat must pass a Saving Throw vs. Death (-2) or will suffer from a wound infection and light fever that will half all healing the character receives till the bite is cured.

Unstable Breed: [Please ignore this trait for a fantasy OSR game without mutations!]
Whenever houndrats are encountered, there is a 10% that 1d3 of the encountered critters will have another physical mutation (1d10)

0-2       Gigantism (see Mutant Future)
3-4       Two heads (double bite damage, but not the number of attacks)
5-6       Multiple eyes all over the head (cannot be surprised)
7-8       Shriek (see Mutant Future)
9           Aberrant Form (GM´s choice)


(Stats for DH2nd and Chthonian Highways will be added later, please check again by the weekend!)


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