[Creature Feature]Stats for Houndrats [CH]

Adapting my houndrats to Chthonian Highways(tm) was a bit more tricky as I still have not played any sessions with this rules system. But I hope the stats will still work out.

Although the current Alpha Playtest Kit is not giving “combat” NPC the same set of stats as a full-fledged PC some stats are given “just because”. Houndrats count as “mutant animals” and thereby are considered to have a FR:6 (see p.57) but the GM stays the final arbitrator in regard to if and when a Sanity check shall be taken.

While the “typical, mutated giant rat of the post-apocalypse” might be cheesy as hell, they too can evoke the lovecraft-like horror if the story they are imbedded into provides the reason. If they are just (another) random mutation, they will be treated as such. If they are the spawns or “products” of a minor or major Thing Men Was Not Meant to Know and if the machinations of this Thing (or the cult that worships it) are, they will do the trick. Fishmen are not overly scary by themselves. But what happens (or: is described) in Shadow over Innsmouth is, and thereby they are.

Oh! If you want this article as a PDF, here you are!

ABILITIES:                                             SKILLS:
Body (BD): 2                                             Athletics (Body): 4
Precision (PR): 4                                       Dexterity (PR) 4
Wits (WI): 3                                              Fighting (BD): 3
Psyche (PS): 2                                           Perception (WI): 7
Stealth (PR): 6

Vitality: 2 to 4
Push Limit: 1
Defense: 12 to 13 (Armor: 0)
Attack: Bite (1d6+1; Rending)

#Quick Sprint:
by Pushing [Precision] a houndrat can move up to 10 meters with a Short Action or up to 40 meters with a Long Action.

#Hardy & Energetic: a houndrat is able to ignore the first point of Fatigue (from Pushing an Ability) during each scene.

#Infectious bite: a character that suffered damage from the bite of a houndrat will suffer from an infection within 1d6 hours unless the wound is treated [DL:10 Medicine skill check]. If the infection sets in the character will suffer from fever and shakes, exhausting the characters Body stat until the fever and the underlying infection is cured [DL:15 Medicine skill check; recovery takes about a day]. If the Body stat is already exhausted the next Ability is exhausted instead, but the “non-recovery” effect only applies to the Body stat.

#(Optional) Unstable Breed:

Whenever a large number of houndrats are encountered there is a 10% that 1d3 of them will sport further physical mutations (1d10)

0-2     Gigantism Vitality is set to 6
3-4     Two heads Damage is increased to 1d6+3
5-6      A dozen eyes 360 degree field-of-view
7          Earshattering Shriek (SFX): Opponent loses one action on the next turn
8-9       Aberrant Form A human face, hands for paws etc. give the the creature a FR: 9

# # # # #

* This article is a piece of free fanwork for the CHTHONIAN HIGHWAYS RPG and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

CHTHONIAN HIGHWAYS is an RPG product of Ironspine(tm) in association with MYRRYSMIEHET presents and IRONCORE ENGINE. http://ironspine.com/wp/rpgs/chthonian-highways/

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