Chaotic/GM …aren´t we all?

Well, there will for sure be some of you guys out there who consider themselves “Lawful/GM” or are even “Neutral/GM”, but this time it is about the blog of Marcus Burggraf who considers himself “Chaotic/GM” and named his internet presence accordingly.

So, what has his blog to offer besides a beautiful appearance that makes my plain-jane-page cry itself to sleep?

…and quite some! I just signed up to follow up on him as he is not only writing about RPG but related hobbies as well -and- seems to have a knack for digging up useful resources 🙂

…and who of us does not like to be granted a written scenario? Mr. Burggraf seems to mainly write for Savage Worlds, but a scenario is a scenario and a GM that cannot file off the game stats and twist and bend something that is good in itself to fit her or his own needs… still has a lot to learn! 🙂

I am curious to see what will come up at next, as it seems that the Marcus shares my interest in Cyberpunk games (a genre which I sadly could not involve myself in for a long time, but still like to hear and read about).

We will see… or at least me will!



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