[OSR] “Angleheart”

The vile talisman called “Angleheart” is a foul instrument of witches and warlocks to hide their sins and malevolent nature….

… and it is an excerpt from my Examples of the Dark Arts  🙂

# Angleheart [Item]

(The Angleheart) is made out of the dried heart of an infant that died within a week after being baptized. The heart needs to be acquired before the infant is buried in the sanctified ground of a proper cemetery. After being dried and hexed, those who wear that “Angleheart” over their chest will never be accused for what they truly are.

If worn as described above (most likely hidden under clothes, perhaps worn around the neck by a string or thin leather strap attached to it) the “Angleheart”will make sure that any method to detect the wearers alignment, magical or not, will identify him or her as a person of Neutral Alignment. Every lie the wearer of an Angleheart speaks in order to protect him- or herself or those close to him or her will be believed unless a Saving Throw vs. Magical Device is passed. Such protection does not last forever, so, and after being worn for the first time an Angleheart will lose its power after seven weeks.


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