[Spotlight] Bloody Inspiration

I am always happy when I see that I have new followers for my blog. It is like seeing a small plant you planted grow and start to bloom. Only that the blossoms of this flower of mine are… sometimes strangely colored and embedded in wicked thorns. Which is met by me.

The follower I am talking about is GnarlyGnoll and his own freshly planted blog, which looks like it would grow into a wrapped piece of nightshade over time. His first two posts reveal a taste for the dark and twisted in RPG, and in regard to the second one I pride myself of having delivered the fertilizer.

Yes, little me could not resist to provide GnarlyGnoll with a copy of my Strange & Cruel Personal Titles and you know what? I could not have hoped for anything better. The three little tables did exactly what they were meant to do: they gave the tendrils of inspiration something to entwine around, and look what sapling comes forth there! I know that I will have an eye on his blog: I like vampires and dark fantasy, and I have a feeling that I will like what he is going to write there.


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